This shramyogi education assistance sccheme has been launched by the gujrat buildng and construction laborers welfare board to provide education assistance to the children of needy construction workers engaged in the constuction  profession frome primary school to higher education ( ph.d.)


in this article what is shramyogi Education assistance Scheme ?

Complete information aboutt available assistance,required Documents,how to apply for assistance ,etc. will be Known so please read the article till the end.

  • What is shramyyoeducation assistance Scheme ?
  • Rules of shramyogi education assistance Scheme 
  • shramyogi shikshan sahay yojna benefit 
  • shramyogi shikshan sahay yojna benefits document of shikshan sahay yojna 
  • Required Document of shikshan  sahay yojna 
How to apply online for the schem? -apply online for yojna Gujrat 

What is shramyogi  educationn assistance scheme 

This scheme has been started by the Gujrat builing and construction labor welfare board to provide educational assistance to the children of the needy construction workers engaged in the construction business in the state who have progressed in higher studies and education so that their child also becomes a doctor,engineer 

Name of schem => shram  yogi Education assistance Scheme

Department => construction labar welfare board gujrat 

Beneficiary => Children  of construction workers of Gujrat 

Available Assistance => Education assistance up to Rs 30,000

Website =>

Helpline Number =>  079-25502271

Rules of shramyogi Education Assistance scheme 

Construction workers registered with shramyogi kalyan borad will be eligible to benefit from this scheme.
  • The constrution worker has to apply online within the prescribed time limit.
  • If only two children of a construction worker are eligible for assistance they have to fill separate  online  forme for both the children.
  • The age of the children of the construction worker should be maximum 30 years. if the son or daughter is mute or disabled then the age limit will not apply.
  • Which will be limited to the first trial in that academic year. if a student fails in a class,he will not be eligible for assistance again in the same class or grade.
  • Children studying in open University will not be eligible for this assistance.The applicant must fill the complete correct information while filling the online form otherwise his application may be cancelled.


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