LockDown 4 Shops Open Time Table

The workers trapped in Rajkot for the last 3 lockdowns have lost their patience and all of them are now on the road.  If the police stop them, they are attacking the police and also attacking the media personnel who are voicing their grief.  Shapar and Jungleshwar have come up against cases of rioting of workers who have resorted to violence with demands to return to their homes.

Rajkot's Shapar workers are demanding repatriation due to lockdown.  The workers demanded the repatriation.  Workers vandalized the Veraval Shapar Highway.  High-ranking police officers arrived at the scene as workers hurled stones at the media and policemen.  Policemen were injured in the pelting of stones by the workers.

 Importantly, the train from Rajkot to Uttar Pradesh is scheduled to leave today, today's train was rumored to have been canceled.  Which caused resentment among the workers.  Outraged workers took to the streets.  Police said about 2,000 workers were sabotaged by some anti-social elements on the road.

 In Rajkot's Shapar, the workers went on a rampage demanding to go home

 Workers vandalize Veraval Shapar Highway

 Workers throw stones at media and policemen

  Police in riot gear stormed a rally on Friday, removing hundreds of protesters by truck